El Clasico Game 3

It was the third game in less than two weeks between Real Madrid and Barcelona yesterday. The game was the first of two Champions League games and was played at Bernabeu, home of the Real Madrid. The game ended with a victory for Barcelona with 2-0. This game was, like the games played before between these two teams very controversial. I have to say, I don't like Real but I really hate Barcelona. The game yesterday gave me more reasons to dislike them. Barcelona is the best team right now but they are also a team full of guys whining about everything. I don't like them. I also don't like the fact that every time Mourinho played against Barcelona he got one of his players sent off with a red card.

But it wasn' the only thing that happened in this game. On the way in to the locker room the players started to fight which ended with Barcelona's backup goalie got a red card. But what really decided the game was the red card to Real Madrid's Pepe. I don't think the referee did anything wrong with sending him off. However, if he is going to give Pepe red card you have to give red for the same kind of situations in the game. Five minutes before the situation when Pepe got his red card Barcelona's Mascherano kicked one of Real Madrid players really hard and got away with a yellow. By the way Pepe didn't touched Alves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAPTsee5x8k here is the situation when Pepe got sent off.

According to all this, Jose Mourinho got sent off from the bench and now the two teams are blaiming each other for different occasions. Uefa are going to investigate all this. What we now is that the next game is going to be really interesting.

Read more about the game yesterday at http://en.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/news/newsid=1619918.html