Real VS. Barca

Yesterday it was the Spanish cup final between the two powerhouses Real Madrid and Barcelona. It was the first time theyplayed each other in the Spanish cupfinal in 20 years. The game was played at Mestalla and it was Real who won that one. The game was a close one and went to overtime where it was the portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo who scored the winning goal with a header in the 103 minute.

As we all know this was the second game between these two teams in less than a week. They are going to play each other four times in three weeks since they are playing each other in the semi finals of the champions league. In the first two games the results have been, 0-0 (in the league) and 1-0 Real, (Spanish cup final). The Next two games is going to be really exciting. Everyone have been talking about Barcelona is invincible but I think they have started to shake a little bit. In the big games they see they cant play the same type of game they want to play.  Last year they lost against Inter in the semi finals in the Champions League. Yesterday they lost in the Spanish Cup final. I think they have started to think a little bit about their performance in the big games. I think Real can win this serie of games.

Here is a link from the celebration yesterday in Madrid when the Real players went by bus through the city. The right defender Sergio Ramos is holding the trophy and suddenly drops it in front of the bus, which is driving over it and destroyed it. Enjoy.

Here is a link from the European soccer association UEFA. They are talking about the Real Madrid and their history. Read it and learn more about this impressive powerhouse

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