The Swedish soccer league started again last weekend. "Allsvenskan" as we call  is definitely not the best league in the world, but probably one of the most exciting one. The last ten years has no team accomplished to win the league two years in a row, which is very rare if you look at the other soccer leagues or any league in any sport for that matter. Why it is like that is hard to say. We have been discussing that in Sweden for a long time and we haven't found an answer or solution. What we do know is that it is a lot of things that has to be done, one of them is increase the amount of money.  Read more about Allsvenskan here:

But we Swedes love our league anyways. We have learned how to love the unpredictable league where 10 teams can win it every year. We have our favorite teams. The teams we hate. The players we love, and of course, the players we hate. Soccer is the biggest sport in Sweden and gets the most space and attention in media compared to any other sport. What we have had problem with though is to get the crowd to the games. There are reasons for that. One of them is the hooligans who creates an environment that is not safe for families. Other reasons is the poor quality of many arenas. When we compare most of the arenas we have in Sweden with the arenas they have in other countries it becomes pretty embarrassing. But many teams the last five years has build new top quality arenas which is good for the soccer in Sweden. Keep it up.

But like I said. All the weaknesses our league have, we still love it. It is something for us to be proud and is a part of our history. I love Allsvenskan.