RedWings Game

I went to my first NHL game wednesday, it was awesome. The game I attented was between Detroit Red wings and Vancouver Canucks. I have always wanted to go to a NHL game so it was a little bit of a dream come true for me. I played hockey when I was younger and always had a big interest for the game. I have followed the NHL as long as I can remember, so to finally attend a game was an awesome experience for me. It was also fun for me that it was two teams with many swedish players. Detroit has been a little bit of "the Swedish team" in the NHL the last then years and Vancouver has also many swedish players this year.  I was fun to see Niklas Lidstrom play, he is a legend.


The game was good. It was two good teams (the first and second in the Western conference) playing against each other. It was a high tempo and good quality. Vancouver won the game and with 2-1 and my fellow country man in Vancouver Daniel Sedin scored two goals. I also think Roberto Luongo goalie in Vancouver Canucks was the difference between the two teams. He is probably the best goalie in the show right now. Watch Niklas Lidstrom score the winning goal in the Olympic final 2006.

It is the qualifrication for the Euro 2012 in soccer right now and Sweden will play Moldova. I assume Sweden will win, anything else would be a big surprise. Read more about the game here on UEFA official webiste

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  1. That's awesome. I am actually a Canucks fan, believe or not. Don't forget about Daniel's twin brother Henrick is from Sweden too, obviously. A couple of years ago they had Marcus Nausland and made up a completely Swedish line. It was really fun to watch. Luongo in my opinion is definitely the best between the pipes. Hopefully he can brake that playoff slump he's had over the past couple of years.

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