Good job ManU

First of all I'm sorry for giving you the wrong info about the game Saturday. It was the FA cup, not the league. However ManU won that game against Arsenal with 2-0 and they are in the semifinal and is going to play against the little brother Manchester City. That game is going to be an interesting one, I'm really looking forward for it.

The game today was a good one. Good performance and a win with 2-1 against Marseille. Two goals from Javier Hernandez which I think is really fun. I like him much as a player and I think it is really fun and impressive that he play so well his first year in ManU. He has scored a lot of goals and is contributing with hard work and attitude and shows a lot of maturity in his game. I like it.

Javier Hernandez Foto: viasat Javier Hernandez

Summary: Good past couple of days for ManU. Last week wasn't that good with two losses and one tie (Chelsea, Liverpool and Marseille). Anyways now they have raised again and showed the good old mentality of a champion and I hope they can finish strong and win at least one title this year.

Here is some nice soccer videos I think you should watch:

First one is Javier Zanetti in the Uefa Cup 1998

The second one is probably my favourite goal of all time, just because of the celebration. The goal is made by Eric Cantona in 1996

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