No Zlatan, not again!

It happened this year too. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has to continue to keep waiting for the Champions League title, which is the big piece he miss in his carreer. Last year he was really close to win it when he played for Barcelona but they got knocked out by Inter in the semifinal. Yesterday it happened again when his Milan  tied against Tottenham and the result over to game was a lost with 1-0.  Here is Zlatans record in the champions league: 2001-2002: Ajax, ut i tredje kvalomgången mot Celtic.
2002-2003: Ajax, lost in quarterfinal vs Milan.
2003-2004: Ajax, out in the groupstage.
2004-2005: Juventus, out in the quarterfinal vs Liverpool.
2005-2006: Juventus, out in the quarterfinal vs Arsenal.
2006-2007: Inter, out in the round of 16 vs Valencia.
2007-2008: Inter, out int the round of 16 vs Liverpool.
2008-2009: Inter, out int the round of 16 vs  Manchester United.
2009-2010: Barcelona, out in the semifinal vs Inter.
2010-2011: Milan, out in the round of 16 vs Tottenham

Better luck next year Zlatan.Foto:

Read more about the Chamions League at UEFA official website

Saturday. New big imortant game for Manchester United against Arsenal. The third big game in short time. I said that they had to win against Liverpool last week but they really need to win this game. I think this game is the keygame for both teams since it is between the first placed (Man U) and the second placed (Arsenal) teams in the league. Big game and also a little bit of rivalry. ManU and Arsenal has some history and very hard games against each other. Specially when Roy Keane and Patrick Viera played in ManU and Arsenal. Take a look at the link of how it looked like when they played against each other: 

United forever